Warehouse Furniture

Bishop-Parker’s Warehouse Furniture gives us the opportunity to offer our customers a completely different selection of furniture, mattresses, rugs and more. Whereas the main Bishop-Parker store emphasizes unique pieces, quality design and customization, the Warehouse offers low, low prices on quality “bread and butter” items for your home. Whether it’s a sectional for the living room, recliner for the “man cave” or a great buy on a new mattress set, Warehouse Furniture is for you.

If you are looking for low quality, you will need to keep looking. Each piece at the Warehouse is carefully selected by Bishop-Parker’s experienced buyers to offer the best blend of quality and price. We have lots of space in our new location and our vendors know to come to us when they have specials and close-outs. We offer quick delivery or pull up to our specifically made “Customer Pickup” loading dock and take your new furniture home today!

Warehouse Logo
McGehee Road, Across from our main store
Warehouse Building